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Spotlighting international horror premieres!

By Mo Moshaty, February 29, 2024


Written and Directed by Lakkaya Palmer and Will Dupere

Executive Produced by Zoë​ Smith

Starring: Jasmine Rachelle and Kosh Vohra

The Shedding is an independent student horror film that explores body horror, femininity, race, and personhood. Drawing on elements of 1980's horror, the film seeks to give students the chance to use practical effects and horror filmmaking - made in collaboration with established figures within the horror community.


EIC Mo Moshaty sat down with filmmakers, Lakkaya and Will.


Will, we see Jasmine's character go through several transformations during the film, what was your directive for her from a movement and expression sense?

From the very first seedlings of this film, I always viewed it as a pistachio shell of two halves. In the first half, Jasmine’s character fulfills the stereotypical ‘The Final Girl’ archetype. It’s a bit like the opening moments of most Dr Who episodes where someone gets murdered in a basement. For the movement, she should be small, pulling inwards and nervous as the role of victim. The downward slope of the second shell is Jasmine as the monster. She IS Freddy Krueger. Here, we worked a lot with our fantastic movement coordinator, Alexis Rendel, to bring out the monstrous feminine (influenced by Barbara Creed- thank you for that, Lakkaya). Here, that inwards pressure bursts out in every direction (Spoilers: somewhat literally), and she becomes an almost deity. To Jasmine, I always tried to emphasize rage; this is rage, pressure, and resentment building up and should be reflected in her movement. The great challenge of the film, of course, was bridging the shell and slowly turning that final girl into our Cronenbergian goddess.


Lakkaya, with a lack of dialogue in the film, what was it like writing the action scenes that serve many interpretations of the term "The Shedding"?


The lack of dialogue was really a conscious decision between Will and me throughout the film. On a non-thematic basis, it gives an uneasy quality of being unable to hear and allows the soundtrack to sitting center stage. Yet, in my discussions with Will when we were writing the script, I explained that I think it’s important, seeing as Ayida is a woman of color, to showcase the feelings of muteness that people of color often feel in the world. Like our voices are never heard, or if they are heard, they are easily disregarded. However, I think it also ties into the intersections of gender, too, how it often feels again like women’s voices are disregarded in an otherwise patriarchal society. Additionally, I feel like the sense of being mute for the main protagonist leaves the film open to a plethora of interesting readings of the film — ones that I cannot wait to see!


What can we expect next from the two of you?

Will: I am making a feature film! This summer, I am shooting a Samurai action/adventure film set in 2005 East London. The whole thing is shot on Digicam, really leaning on the nostalgia. Working with Lakkaya has really introduced me to fashion, so the feature will be full-to-the-brim of Y2K fashion and music. It’s a big undertaking, but I am so excited about it. I am also applying for a master's in Screenwriting, hoping to work in television. If you see me on page 5 of the Emmerdale credits, know I’ve made it.

Kaya: I am finishing my thesis on Ferocious Fatherhood of the 1970s and beyond! I am super excited to get this done as it has been three years in the making, and hopefully, eventually, get it published as a monograph, which is super exciting! I have always loved analyzing representations of the family and gender within horror cinema, so hopefully, I can do more of that, whether in written form or making more horror films. Who knows! 

The Shedding Film Premiere is on March 1st, 2024 at 4pm The Castle Cinema, London, E9 6DA

Purchase tickets here

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