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Hear THIS: NightTide Chats with Gaby Moreno 

Welcome to NightTide's Hear THIS, highlighting podcasts produced by marginalized creatives! Combining Hip Hop and Horror is on the menu for the Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue Podcast

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1. Give us your best elevator pitch on the theme of your podcast.

My podcast combines two of my favorite genres, Hip Hop/Rap Music and Horror! I feel like these two genres are heavily criticized in their respective categories, Rap music and Horror Movies/Shows. They have more in common, both touch on topics that might be seen as taboo, have their positive and negatives to them but speak on the realities of this world. This is why my podcast is called Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue. The Nightmare for Nightmare on Elm Street and Sedgwick Avenue the place where the first Hip Hop party took place.

2. What is one thing folks misconstrue about podcasting?

I think that you need expensive gear to get started. I started with just my laptop, then invested in mics, better webcam and audio interface. What I tell people who want to get into podcasting is just do it! You can even do it on your phone now and there are a lot of user friendly programs that do most of the work for you. I self-taught myself on OBS first, but just recently started using StreamYard.

3. On podcasting in the horror genre specifically what roadblocks have you found? 

I think being a women in a male dominated genre sometimes has its struggles, so probably being taken seriously would be a roadblock, but luckily my hard work and work ethic has spoken for itself and I have been able to navigate thru this successfully. But it is still something that comes up once in awhile.

4. What motivated you to choose this theme?

IMy motivation behind this podcast is to bridge the Hip Hop and Horror communities since they are more alike than different. I love that I mixed two genres that normally don't get paired together. Specially being a brown women in both male dominated fields. I just want to inspire others that look like me to see they can create something unique and be successful!

5. From a historically marginalized perspective horror has always been othered in the mainstream, what is it about the genre that gives you comfort, and/or inspires you?

Horror movies made me appreciate being a powerful strong women, since slashers created the final girl and to see how badass they are and intelligent to out smart the killer is inspiring to me. Also horror movies aren't afraid to speak on topics that might be seen as controversial and also you can trace our history thru the type of films that were released each decade. From the atomic bombs (godzilla) to now AI horror movies and the fear of technology taking over. I also grew up watching Mexican and American horror films as a kid with my grandma and I feel like it reminds me of when her and I used to watch them together. They give me comfort as well and ease my anxiety. 


6.  What do you feel is lacking in the genre today?

I think we still need more black and brown representation as well as more women behind and in front of the camera. I feel like there has been progress, but we still got more room for growth. Would like to see this continue to see films and shows be made from different cultural perspectives and lenses. 

7. What are three of your favorite films/TV in the genre and why?

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) - Robert Rodriguez is one of my favorite Directors and I love the Aztec and vampire mythology.
Fright Night (1985) - Grew up watching this one as a kid and love the mix of Horror/Comedy, also love Vampire films. Also the music and vibe of this 80s film is nostalgic. Also love Evil's werewolf transformation.
An American Werewolf In London (1981) - This is the best werewolf and werewolf transformation movie of all time! Also a great mix of horror and humor. I also love the practical effects and overall love story.

8. What film is just "too much" for you and you regret seeing?

II wouldn't say I have a specific movie that was too much or that I regret seeing, but I would say my least favorite horror sub genre is the rape/revenge films. There are some that are watchable, but don't tend to watch them that often.

9. Where can we find your projects or passions outside of the podcast? 

You can find me on all social media under 7 Octoberz. I also make music, paint, and trying to go into Filmmaking! 

Check out Gaby on her personal site here

as well as her YouTube!

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