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The inaugural Monthly Macabre pays tribute to little baddies: the bad seed, the possessed and possessors, the magic ones and evil demons. Come explore the anatomy of the creepy kid with some of horror's most brilliant minds. 

Jan. 19th 2024

Revenge Horror

This Monthly Macabre pays tribute to those with a (literal) axe to grind, the ones done wrong, the victim to villain. Come explore the winding halls of Revenge Horror with some of horror's most brilliant minds. 

Feb 16th 2024

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Found Footage

This Monthly Macabre pays homage to those chasing a witch, a demon, trying to find real proof that something beyond humanity is out there. The "IRL" perspective has been one of the most terrifying sub-genres due to it's confusing state of is it or isn't it. Am I cursed for watching this? Will whatever you're stalking come after me??

Mar. 22nd 2024


Eco Horror is a Mother. From our fascination with biological advancements to warping weather to our will or worse, weather coming for payback, Eco-Horror has cemented itself as a living breathing terror.

Apr. 19th 2024



Fast or slow these putrid peeps keep us on our toes, sometimes the fate of an Eco-Horror crises (see above!) or the purposeful work of mad men or demons, Zombies take a bite out of the gore subgenre. 

May 17, 2024

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