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We're celebrating our 1st Small Biz Horror Gift Guide this February for all you Bloody Valentines! It's high time we shine more light on small businesses in the horror industry, so let's get to know some! This week is all things online. So hit that express delivery on some of these morbid mementos.

PURGATORY CANDLE CO., Los Angeles, CA and Online

Drawing inspiration from their Mexican/Latinx heritage and the unconventional subcultures that shaped their teenage years, Jasmine and Lesly built a brand to address the absence felt by individuals navigating both cultural and subcultural identities. The company honors horror cinephiles, folklorists, Goth enthusiasts, and everyone in the diverse spectrum between them. Their mission is to provide premium home fragrances for those who have been overlooked by the mainstream home fragrance industry, fostering a sense of community within the intersections of culture and subculture.


MOVIEPOSTERS.COM, Toronto, ON and Online

For the avid film fan, has everything you need in wall decor. Woman-led since 1993 by Shelley Candel, this site has it all. From incredible new releases to deep cuts all the way back to the 40s, we're sure you'll find something for the movie lover in your life!


LOVED TO DEATH, San Francisco and Online

You may remember LOVED TO DEATH from the famous show "Oddities" on TLC. As times change, so did the shop, to make 

lives easier and open their incredible collection to the masses.

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