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We're celebrating our 1st Small Biz Horror Gift Guide this February for all you Bloody Valentines! It's high time we shine more light on small businesses in the horror industry, so let's get to know some!

Ben Scrivens, founder of Fright-Rags, joins us to kick things off.


1. Could you tell us a bit about your journey to Fright-Rags via the horror highway?

Well, it all began at the tender age of 4 when I saw John Carpenter's Halloween. Since then I have been obsessed with horror films which made a natural transition to the world of ecommerce when I was looking for something to make and sell online in 2003.

2. What has been your favorite part of being a small business?

My favorite part is working on all aspects of the business. The ability to work on creative projects for films that I love but also working on the actual business and diving into numbers, etc. It fires up both sides of my brain. 

3.  How has the horror community helped you both personally and professionally?

Personally, it has allowed me to meet some amazing people who I never would have interacted with otherwise. People that are now my dearest friends, and we met because of our love of horror. Professionally, I owe the horror community everything because it has given me my livelihood. 

4. What's been your favorite product to make and/or what was a great idea/execution?

Hmmm, that's like picking my favorite child! I would have to say making the retro 3.75" action figures for Halloween has been a recent favorite. Everything from the look and style of the figures and packaging design feels like it was from the 70s and I love that we've been able to make ancillary characters and not just the main ones. 

5. What was your most formative piece of horror media (lit, film, television, comic, art)? OR your comfort horror?

I interact with all forms of it and while film is probably at the top, literature is a close second. 


6. Have there been any odd requests for merchandise ideas? (A Serbian Film Beer Koozie?)

Yeah, we've gotten some interesting requests... There were a few people that wanted dog clothes which would be fun to make but not sure it's worth us doing at the moment. 


7. What would you suggest as a great Valentine's Day gift from Fright Rags?

Well, by the time people read this, we will have released our first official line of My Bloody Valentine Valentines! Each box contains 27 Valentines cards (nine different cards, three of each). I think those would make a nice gift :)

8. How can folks find or support the projects you're involved in outside of your business? (Short film, charity, organization, art, etc.)?

Though I do have a life outside the business, I'm not very public on any other platform or anything. The best thing for anyone to do if they want to support is to give Fright-Rags a follow on all the platforms!

Check out Fright-Rags' incredible My Bloody Valentine Collection here!

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