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ZOMBIES, CO-EDS & STONERS: B-Horror meets Zombies, it’s the dream team you never knew you needed.

By Audriena Comeaux  May 15, 2024 

  B-Horror is one of my favorite genres, mix that with the guilty pleasures of silly mindless comedy and you have a match made in horror comedy heaven. If you are more of a slasher horror fan and zombies never really caught your eye, I have the perfect film to ease your way into the zombieverse. May I suggest the Asylum 2014 classic “ The Coed And The Zombie Stoner”. The first portion of the film is a raunchy college comedy in the tone of “American Pie Presents: Beta House” but eventually transforms itself into a bro zombie killing spree.

      When a nerdy sorority girl falls for the newest hot guy on campus she couldn’t possibly let him being a zombie get in the way! A freak accident in the university science lab turned a stoned frat boy into a flesh eating zombie. The only way he can cure his cravings for flesh is to mellow out and get stoned. His newfound sorority girlfriend knows she can keep his zombie mannerisms at bay because as long as her man is high he will be the perfect guy. This plan goes awry when her fellow sorority sister gets jealous of her dead hunk and tries to tear them apart. This angers him and before his beau can feed him the anti flesh eating weed, a frat bro steps in and destroys the last joint in front of him. Well, the Zombie Stoner obviously doesn’t take kindly to that and bites the frat boy in revenge. This causes a chain reaction where everyone at the frat house is being chewed apart and soon terrorizes the entire campus. 


Not to worry, his nerdy girlfriend and knock off Doc Brown from “Back To The Future” science professor figure out a super strain of weed that will cure everyone. Allowing the Coed and the Zombie Stoner to live happily ever after.


What makes this movie so unforgettable in a guilty pleasure, cult classic kind of way is the in your face acting style. Each character, no matter how minor, adds an aspect of ridiculous comedy that makes you need more.The first scene immediately introduces the audience to the raunchy bloody ride they are about to go on. So kick back, turn on this film and just enjoy the campy.


Audriena Comeaux is an actor that has appeared in the films “ Massacre Party”, “For Jennifer”, and the upcoming “Terra Bella”, She is also featured in the weekly horror series “After Hours Cinema”. Currently she spends her time auditioning and writing. Audriena found her love for horror as a child watching “Svengoolie”. She saw the films “Slugs”, and “ I Saw What You Did” and knew from that moment on she wanted to create horror. Audriena also watched  “Child’s Play” as a kid and it became her favorite horror classic of all time. While browsing cable tv one night she discovered the world of VOD entertainment within the horror community. Audriena was fascinated that there were tons of independent scary films rotating around various cable networks, on demand services, and straight to dvd selections around the globe.The fact that you can be an actor and perform in a ton of movies being watched by people from all over is such a fun experience. 

Instagram: @drienarene 

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