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Hints for the perfect article

Creating NightTide has been the latest project in an incredible journey for Nyx Horror Collective. Establishing itself in 2019, Nyx Horror Collective was founded by a group of diverse woman-identifying horror creators to develop, celebrate, and elevate original, women-led horror content. Since that time we've created award winning films featured on The Shudder Channel and we're in our third year of our fellowship with Stowe Story Labs going to a top woman-identifying creator working in the genre. Our members are transforming the genre through stories that explore race, gender, sexuality, mental and chronic illness, body image, and more.
As our mission grows and expands, so too do our programs and initiatives to include more underrepresented voices in horror and the b
roader genre space. 



Below you will find our style guide for articles submitted to NightTide Magazine:

Deadlines: All calls for content, from essays to interviews to soundbites will be advertised with the submission date in the call. We're also really good about reminding the public that our submission date is coming up (no, really, we're gonna get on your nerves). If you need an extension for any reason please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you in another issue. If your essay, analysis, or soundbite is part of a monthly series, we may not be able to accommodate that month's issue, but we will do our best to find a place at a later date. 

Format: Please send your submission as a Word Document emailed to editor:

Please title your email subject “Submission: + Title of your piece” + (Series Theme if necessary)

AP Style Guide

Titles of works: Titles of whole works (films, books, magazines, comic books, albums, TV shows, etc) should be italicized within the body of the piece and ALL-CAPS within the title, subtitle and lead image caption of the piece. Titles of partial works (chapters, individual issues of comics or mags, songs, series episodes, etc) should be “In Quotes and Title Case” in both the body and title/subtitle/image caption. 

Images: NightTide will source two images for your piece to ensure legalities and rights are in order. We do ask that you send us a headshot with your piece to attach to your byline. We will not go searching for that. 

Citations: Cite your sources! If you are drawing from a longer article or using quotes from a book PLEASE cite the article/book as a footnote or hyperlink it within your piece. We want to be a trusted resource and quotes without notation or links could be a legal issue. Due diligence is key.

Parentheses: If the sentence inside the parentheses is a complete sentence, the punctuation goes inside the closing parenthesis. If it’s a partial phrase, part of a larger complete sentence outside of the parentheses, the punctuation goes outside of the closing parenthesis. Example: “The series was created by Mike Flanagan (writer/director of The Haunting of Hill House).” versus "The series was created by Mike Flanagan (Flanagan is previously known for The Haunting of Hill House.)

Spaces: Please use single space after punctuation. 

Editorial voice: First person POV is great!

Spelling: Please imDb or Google all proper names to ensure you’ve got them right, even if you’re sure you have it right. Also, if you're speaking on a film/television series, please include the cast and crew (Writer/Director). We understand that cast lists can get lengthy, but choose a few key characters to highlight. The mention of cast names attached to analysis pieces increases the visibility of your piece. 

Decades: If referring to a decade like the nineties, the apostrophe goes where the missing “19” would be, like so: ‘90s, instead of before the s, like so: 90’s

Headlines: Capitalize every word, including smaller words like “of” and “the.” Be engaging, specific, think SEO. Short and sweet is bonus!

Subtitle: The subtitle should give further insight as to where the article is headed. If it can be kept to one to two sentences, that's perfect!

Byline: Your name, pronouns if you wish to include them, as well as Twitter (X) handle, Instagram handle if you have them.

Housekeeping: Nyx Horror Collective and NightTide pride themselves on creating a safe and diverse space for creatives. Please do not include any derogatory speech or hate posting of any kind. Articles will be denied. We feel everyone deserves a corner of this horror space and we want it to always be welcoming. 

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